Thursday, December 1, 2011

SEXY in 2012 part II

I am in the process of getting things in gear for the new year. Not so much with resolutions but more like refining my lifestyle everyday. Living my life the way I want to live it for the new year and the rest of my life. This of course includes revamping the and getting Date Night Shopping up and running. There is lots to do but it is so much fun I just wish I had more hours in the day. I got so inspired by this gorgeous sparkly seqin/ satin DKNY dress, which could be a fabulous dress for either date night or NEW YEARS EVE. Speaking of which I am anticipating some exciting NEW YEARS EVE happenings so I know that 2012 has so many wonderful things instore for me. I CAN FEEL IT! I hope everyone is as ready to party as I am.Stay tuned for more fabulous dresses!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hot and Sexy in 2012!

Phenominal Alexander McQueen! Now THATS a dress for date night!!!!


Very Cute from White House/ Black Market

So I had an amazingly eye opening weekend. I attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive this weekend and was so blown away and inspired by the experience. Not only did I learn a lot about how to put myself in a Millionaire frame of mind I also remembered that life is meant to be lived to the complete fullest EVERYDAY! I am always looking to revamp my wardrobe and now I want to turn up the sex! Over the summer I lost about 30 pounds and so now a lot of my clothing are about 2 sizes to big. I have been thinking about growing my hair out and wearing more dresses, sexy dresses, but not just for going out. I want to feel sexy in my clothes EVERYDAY!
I love jersey material and think it is the perfect way to incorporpate an element of sex appeal into my wardobe. Jersey material is so femine and smoothe to the touch. I love to wear it and I love to see other women wearing it. It really accentuates our beautiful curves and creates this soft wave-like movement that just makes me feel amazing. There is nothing like a simple wrap jersey dress and a beautiful pair of pumps or a gorgeous wrap shirt with a great pair of jeans. You can either throw on the same pair of pumps or some boots or even flats. I just feel the need to remind myself just how hot I am and CELEBRATE IT EVERYDAY! :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Date Night with the Girls Part II

Went to the Rihanna concert this weekend.She is my complete favorite person to watch in terms of fashion and personal style ( her and Nicki!). I decided to post my outfit because I had no idea what I was gonna wear then got inspired by a skirt I got from Goodwill at the last minute and I got wear my Bow Tie!

I'll be trying this next.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Date Night with the Girls!!!

So Labor Day weekend I went out for a date night with the girls and had lots of fun. My sister and friend were in the area so I went to go hang out and have some much needed fun. We went to a cool reggae club in Washington D.C. called Patty's Boom Boom Room. The music and the crowd were great a definite recommend. On Sunday everyone wanted to go out to another club and I had only brought a one club outfit cuz I had planned to go home. Of course I allowed myself to persueded into staying out another night but was faced with the dilemma of what to wear. At first I thought just wash and re-wear the dress from the night before cuz I didnt have the time (or the budget really to buy some thing new). So came up with an idea. We were all staying at a family friends house so I asked if he had any old pair of pants that he was no longer using so that I could make some shorts to go out in. lucky he did and the fit just right in the waist! So I cut them washed and wore them along with a shirt I had purchased earlier in the day from the thrift store! I came out well dont u think !

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Latest Date Night Look!

I was at an awesome Trunk Fashion Show about two weekends ago as an assistant to one of the designer's. Her name is Bridgett Artise and the name of her line is Born Again Vintage. It's an amazing eco-friendly clothing line featuring re-purposed vintage pieces used to make something completely new and fabulous. Until now I hadn't gotten the opportunity to buy anything from her but I totally found an exquisite date night out fit! I did by-the-way go out on a date with my girls this past weekend and had lots of fun. I will post as soon as I get the pics!Also checkout the shoes! Enjoy the sexiness!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My LASTEST MOST FABULOUS Manifestation!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! Ok I can hardly contain myself but I must tell the story behind such fabulousness. So I have been in and out of a funk for a number of reasons. First, of course my dating life has been in shambles. As I have mentioned before about 3 months ago I had a really bad break up and recently made feeble attempt to start dating again ( stick my tongue out give the thumbs down and make a fart noise. you know.) So I pull myself together(lmao as I write this), get pretty, and manifest some men. (I am so glad I'm sharing this just because of how ridiculous it sounds.) Anyway, I obtained 2 potential prospects. One of them was an older guy with six loads of baggage ( seriously like 6 duffel bags varying in size, a trunk and an over sized suitcase ). The other one was a confused younger guy chasing money and his tail. So surprise, surprise both of those lead to a COMPLETE dead end and I'm left feeling bored and without a date for date night.
One night as I'm grumbling to myself about how useless men are I kind of realize that I am the one attracting all of these so called "useless" men and if I ever want something different in my life I need to change my perspective, not just about men but about myself. The conclusion I came was that if men are just so useless I'm going to date myself! And it may sound like bullshit but it started to work. The following weeks I had some up and down experiences with money, where it would slip in and out of my life in dribs and drabs depending on my mood and after what should have been a scary letter from the IRS I realized something else. I am totally in control. My life experiences are MY manifestations. Very liberating. And my mood changed immediately.
Ok now back to fashion. So I was out hunting for some jewelry for a client and BAM! What did I see but these babies. I kid you not I have been DREEEAMING about red patent leather shoes in my size(11 and a half) for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I have had my eye out for a chunky heel for the summer and NEVER came across anything like this until now. For 6 muthaf@*&$ing dollars!!!!!!! This never happens to me!NEVEEEERRRRRRRRR! So I will be practicing being happy for the rest of the summer and sharing my dating stories. I'm off to find a dress to match and somewhere fabulous to take myself out on a date. :) Stay tuned! Enjoy the shoes and send your dating stories to my facebook inbox or my e-mail Muuahhh!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love That! Dress

Okay so I don't have a date night story to share (because I have been rather dateless for some months now) but I do have an awesome date night dress to share with everyone! It's a gorgeous satin fusia dress from Love That! Designer Consignments,located 2809 Hudson Street Baltimore, Md. 21224.Does not have a date to wear it to make a date night shopping fraud? Oh well. It's worth it cause I couldn't just keep a gorgeous dress like this to myself. I tried the dress on so that you all can see what it looks like. The suggested look for this dress is a darling patent leather belts and black pumps. However, the shoes I have on with the dress are some green Dior wedges because I wear a size 11&1/2 and I could NOT fit the size 11 BCBG's we have in the store. I also tried it with a gold belt and gold coach wedges. LOVE That! MUUAHHH! Enjoy!